10 Money Making Opportunities In The Digital Age

The dawn of the digital era unveiled an economic turnover where millennials can thrive beyond the horizon. Yet, the global rate of youth unemployment is increasingly alarming.

According to the United Nations, the global demography of youth will reach 1.3 billion by 2030. Given this, plus how the automation of factories has decimated jobs in the traditional manufacturing, the economic survival of the young generation is at stake.

But then, whom does the new economic paradigm work for, in the Internet of things?

In the coming lines, I’ll whisk you through few online opportunities for digital natives, and how to gain exponentially from little efforts – without breaking your back.

Online Coaching

In today’s world, it is ideally great to share knowledge online and get paid for doing so. So, if you’re an expert in a major discipline, especially health, tech, business or entrepreneurship, you have the wing to fly.

Meanwhile, it is not a requisite that the supposed niche must be your professional field. It could be a hobby or a pathway you’ve walked to success. Therefore, sharing insider knowledge and practicable insights on how to be successful (in that journey) is a worthwhile business online.


Well, this could be an advanced level of the above. In fact, you could juggle the two or simply upgrade an existing coaching gig. All you need is to package some series of your tutorials and develop them into a sellable book.

If you’re doing this separately (not alongside online coaching), the story of how Daryl and Andrew generated over $250,000 in one year from ebook business will be so helpful.

Domain Business

Life has entirely shifted to the worldwide web. Testimony: about 172,800 blogs are created every half a second, daily.

You can make millions of dollars just by buying strategic domain names (earlier before any other person) and re-selling later to finders who wont give up on paying any amount to have it from you. According to Joy Styler of Go Daddy, some domains were purchased for $8 dollars and sold for millions, later years. It’s a highly lucrative business if you could exert yourself a little bit.

Social Media/Affiliate Marketing

Of late, social media has become an indispensible business tool which has gone beyond satisfying selfie urges. Why not leverage this opportunity for genuine profitable values?

One of the ways to create a stream of extra income by monetizing your social channels is affiliate marketing where you promote products and get commissions for generated sales.

Content Writing

When it comes to business success, creative writers are highly patronized by companies whose flag must not fall on the Internet. My small blog generates more than $5000 monthly from writing services. Likely, you can start now and begin to reap. If you don’t have a personal blog, yet, you can put up your talent on freelancers.com, upwork or fiverr and start getting paid for hired services.

Content Management

I suppose this is the easiest thing every millennial could do (or should learn better). Managing social media accounts for personalities and companies is a highly rewarding opportunity in the digital era. It is increasingly enlisted.

Freelance Editing/Proofreading

For those whom content writing/marketing might be no-no, editorial gigs are one of the incredible telecommuting jobs.

You don’t really like writing from the scratch but prefer editing? You should start doing so, with required expertise, for magazines, blogs, companies, academic and non-academic authors etc. and get your pocket serviced. Check the best 100 editing jobs (in United States) enlisted on Flex job.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a new phase of art in the digital age. It’s fully part of the tools that give wonderful meaning to our era. Either in multimedia or telecommunication, graphic designers, animators, and infographers are valuable skills you can use for your benefit.


Creating an audience for your interesting videos online –from virtual teaching to fashion or comedy– is a great business in vogue. Brands will pay extensive amounts of money to have their products represented and demonstrated on a video.

It takes a little time to learn the magic but you have the whole of lifetime to relish the dividends. If you have no idea of what to do, go online and teach people how to eat properly (i.e. eating balanced diet). Millions of people, conscious about their health, are awaiting your service.

Website Purchase

Heard about online real estate or Internet stocks before? That’s website purchase. It’s one of the smartest online investments.

High-ranked websites that have attained the position of authority on the web (in any niche) are always eyed by investors who are interested in the oceanic flow of the earnings by the site. Websites can be bought and re-sold.

The reasons why you could buy and resell a website include: user traffic, amazing revenue intake, winning domain name, or some other factors that might be a hidden cash cow everyone else has overlooked, as noted by Ryan Robinson. You can have a direct conversation with a website that appears in possession of these qualities and put forward a bargain or visit Flippa for buying and selling of websites.

The reason why the gig economy will continue to enrich some and treat others otherwise is entirely a digital factor. If you can get on the back of the horse, there’s obviously no limit to how far you can go in the digital economy. What action are you ready to take?


Author Bio:

Akorede is a freelance writer with a focus on millennials. He’s the Founder of 501words.net


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