3 Tips For What To Wear To A Job Interview

The first hiccups after graduation occur when you realize real life is not what you thought it would be. There is an extremely competitive market out there. We are witnessing the times of globalization, technological revolution, and economic disruption.

If you have managed to land an interview, you are probably nervous about leaving the best possible impression on your potential future employer. According to a survey conducted by Adecco, 75% of hiring managers think inappropriate attire is the millennials’ biggest interview mistake. Fashion is Gen Y’s playground as it has become the most effective way for self-expression while satisfying the need to belong to a wider group (e.g. the subculture of hipsters). Still, there are a few ground rules when dressing up for an interview. Here are some fashion tips so you can tick at least one thing off the list.

Consider The Workplace

Chasing a job in a law firm is not the same as trying to get employed at a startup. Some things are out of the question for every job-hunting scenario, such as tank tops, visible bra straps, short dresses or Bermuda shorts.

Corporate companies usually expect conservative attire that reflects professionalism: women should stick to pencil skirts, simple black stilettos, and blouses. Men should invest in a nice business suit or at least a good-looking jacket.

If you are going to an interview with startup founders, it is most likely going to be a casual chit-chat rather than strict interrogation. In this case, you can dress business-casual. Women can pair a blazer with a knee-length dress or jeans (not ripped ones, though). Men can keep it cool with slacks and button-down shirts.

Use Fashion To Communicate Your Authenticity

The outfit you wear to an interview doesn’t have to be boring. Personalize it with eye-catching details. Ladies can try statement earrings, while men can put a nice watch on. These also implicitly communicate your authenticity.

Office-appropriate attire can have some subtle twists. Designers choose to step away from the traditional cuts or combine monochromatic items with patterned ones, providing you with an opportunity to enjoy a less uniformed look. You can find this type of clothes by browsing through the affordable ladies fashion online and put an effort in combining the best outfit.

In addition to that, carefully chosen pieces might serve as conversation starters. When it comes to choosing brands, millennials are typically willing to give a bit more money for a good cause. Ethical aspects matter, so eco-fashion and fair-trade products are slowly gaining momentum. If you fall into this group, imagine a great impression you would leave on your hopefully future boss if the topic happens to come up?

Fashion Goes Beyond The Choice Of Clothes

First impressions are formed in just seven seconds and during that small fraction of time, a person is being judged by their body language, appearance, and the initial contact – be it the firmness of the handshake or how warm and inviting her smile was. Impressions are very complex and cannot be fully deconstructed to come up with a final formula for success.

There are a lot of factors to consider in making a good first impression, but looking great is certainly helpful. This goes beyond what you wear. It’s also how well you handle yourself, what energy you radiate, and whether or not you feel self-confident.

Your fashion choices are also reflected through your hairstyle and some ground rules need to be respected. For example, you cannot expect a firm with a conservative work environment to appreciate your ultraviolet hair with an undercut. Obviously, your hairstyle doesn’t indicate your qualifications but the hiring manager might discard you because of it. Unfortunately, even tattoos are still a taboo in the business world and they might affect your chances of getting hired.

Transitioning from college to the real world usually triggers the well-known quarter-life crises. It comes with a realization that you have simply changed your status from “student” to “unemployed”. Lift your head up, show your teeth, and step into the arena of life. Take these fashion tips into consideration and best of luck with finding your dream job.


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