5 Job Titles Millennial Job Seekers Should Watch For In 2018

You might not be aware of it, but the job market is going through huge changes as we speak! Owing to the mind-boggling technological breakthroughs that we’re seeing on a daily basis, some positions will simply start gravitating towards redundancy.

However, there are many that are going to start growing in terms of demand and jobs that are destined to become a huge thing as of 2018. Many of these jobs are approachable and realistic for millennials making their entry into the working world.

Personal Care Aide

The idea of someone caring for the elderly isn’t really a new one. For decades now, many elderly people have been receiving personal help in their homes. The modern interpretation of this job is a personal care aide is a professional who not only takes care of the elderly, but helps them learn how to properly care for themselves.

A personal care aide also provide companionship and even performing certain housekeeping and homemaking tasks such as preparing meals and planning. According to the government, this particular field is set to grow as much as 49% over the course of the coming years!

Although this isn’t really a high-paying job, at $20,000, it is among the most lucrative positions that don’t require a college degree and is entry level, so young millennials may find this as a great starting point in their career.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Another personal care profession that is somewhat more lucrative is a physical therapist assistant. These professionals work in medical facilities or hospitals and are dedicated to helping patients who are suffering from chronic conditions and/or injuries work on their movement and manage their pain levels.

As we learn more and more about the measures that we can apply in order to remain as fit as possible as we age, the physical therapist assistant position is growing in demand, which means better opportunities for employment among young job seekers.

When it comes to physical therapist aides, the requirements are pretty low – typically a high school diploma will suffice. More lucrative positions of the physical therapist assistant require associate degrees from accredited physical therapist assistant programs, but bring more room for progress to the table.

Computer Systems Analyst

Moving on to a more technical profession, a computer systems analyst’s job is that of building and managing computer networks for companies, with the main focus on sharing files and efficient in-office (digital) communication.

This job has existed for three decades now and while it is still widely considered young, it’s being predicted that the demand for computer systems analysts is looking at a boom towards the end of the current decade.

A huge amount of tech-savvy people in the world has rendered this position obtainable even without a bachelor’s degree, although an increasing number of businesses now require proper education for the job. With an average median income of $77,000, studying hard for this expertise is more than acceptable.

Construction Entrepreneur

As the job market gravitates towards entrepreneurship, owning a construction business is becoming more and more rewarding. However, paying the start-up costs is never easy and taking care of marketing and project completion takes a lot of time and effort, which means that putting in a ton of hard work and planning before starting this type of business goes without saying.

The constantly evolving technology of concrete tools has rendered this branch of entrepreneurship “here to stay”, with it looking at a huge increase in demand over the coming years.

Physicians and Surgeons

Although technological improvements in medicine aren’t slacking in comparison to other popular fields, trusting machines and computers with human lives is still constantly meeting healthy amounts of skepticism. This is why the need for physicians and surgeons is still growing, taking into account the level of training required to become a licensed medical expert. Doctors are still looking at huge salaries, at least for the time being.

The mentioned job positions are likely going to remain hot trends in 2018 and well beyond. Whether we’re talking about personal care, healthcare, technology, or construction, the mentioned professions are going to remain lucrative opportunities.


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Author Bio: Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in marketing and topics related to investment and cost efficiency. In her free time she enjoys reading about mutual founds, investment income and latest tax tips.