5 Sunday Habits for a Successful Week

Does your gym schedule looks anything like this?

Sunday you’re a little under the weather from Saturday night’s activities, so you vow to get back in the game hard on Monday and you do with a stellar workout. You find yourself back at the gym Tuesday, a little less motivated, but hey, you’re there for 30 minutes and that counts. 

You’re tired Wednesday, so you decide to just Netflix it for the night with the hopes of getting back to it on Thursday. But Thursday rolls around and your friends want to grab a few beers after work. Friday is just as bad since you’ve got a date you need to prepare for. Saturday is a full day spent boating on the lake and on Sunday you’re recovering from Saturday. Needless to say, life got in the way of your big plans to get back on the gym wagon. Again.

The bad news is it’s not only our gym schedule that gets railroaded – the week can have that effect on other aspects of our lives as well, such as our job and managing our finances. We start off with grand plans to absolutely kill it for 7 straight days, but end up falling off somewhere between Taco Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday. However, if you have career/money/life goals to meet, wasting five of your seven days each week isn’t how you’re going to reach them. 

So how can you keep yourself on track? Implement these 5 habits on Sundays. They’re quick, simple, and will help ensure you have a successful week, all the way through the next weekend.

Set Your Priorities

It’s easy to feel like you’re constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions, mainly because you probably are. Between your job, family cookouts, and happy hour with your friends, it’s hard to have time to breath, let alone make progress towards your goals.

However, one of the things I’ve learned is that if I want to keep my sanity, setting priorities is vital.  While I want to do it all, I only have 24 hours in a day, and some of those need to be used for sleep.

Do I wish I could attend that wedding four hours away from where I live? Do I wish I could go out for drinks late on a Tuesday night? Sure. But sometimes it’s not possible to fit those into my schedule AND accomplish what’s most important to me. Thus, make sure to take time each Sunday to figure out your main areas of focus for the week: which projects you want to tackle at work, which social events you want to attend, and how many gym sessions you want to fit in. Doing this allows you to bring the most value to your life and keep stress levels at a minimum.

Plan Your Week

Once those priorities are set, plan out your week. Figure out deadlines for your projects, what days you can fit in workouts, and what parties you want to hit up. The most vital part of the whole process is to write it down. You can use a pen and your planner or your phone, but either way, make sure it’s not just floating around in your head. Actually seeing your schedule makes it more probable that you’ll stick to it.

Count Your Money

Unfortunately life costs money, and if we don’t plan out our spending, we can easily get suckered into paying for ten shots at the bar that sends us into bank overdraft mode. Not cool.

Every Sunday, check in with your budget and see how you’re doing for the month. If you’re a little over budget, it means you’ll need to scale back for the week. If you’re under, you have a little more wiggle room. 

Factor in everything you’ll need to buy for the week based on that plan you just made and give yourself a mini-budget. It doesn’t have to be written down, but knowing that you’ve allocated $200 for groceries and $30 for Thursday night drinks with your friends is a good way to keep your money situation in check.


You know you weren’t going to get away without picking up that heart rate a little bit.

When life gets busy, one of the first things to drop off on everyone’s list is working out. However, getting in a good sweat session is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, not just physically but mentally as well. Not convinced? Read more here. Use that extra free time on Sunday to get in a good workout. You’ll start the week off on a positive note and won’t feel so bad about skipping spin class later in the week when you have to work late.

Tackle The Little Stressors

Weekdays can get extremely busy. You know that and I know that. It’s no secret. Something always seems to pop up unexpectedly and the evening you thought would be spent finally catching up on laundry has suddenly turned into an impromptu dinner date with your significant other, his boss, and his boss’ wife.

For that reason, it’s best to use Sunday to get all of those little tasks off our plate so that we don’t have to worry about them during the week when our free time is limited. So while you have the time on Sunday afternoon, finalize that presentation for work, prep your lunches for the week, and wrap that gift for your mom. That way when Wednesday rolls around and you’re rushing trying to get to your mom’s birthday dinner, you won’t have to worry about being even later than you already were going to be.

Developing these five habits can set you up for having a successful week, both at work and at home. If you’ve got extra time, I’d add in that it’s important to also rest, relax, and have a little fun.  Sometimes an afternoon spent poolside is just as important as one spent organizing your life.

What Sunday habits do you have that help you get ready for your week?

Brittney is a 29 year-old CPA living in Indianapolis who loves any & all carbs and runs Britt & the Benjamins, a blog focused on helping people achieve financial independence and kill it in their careers, in her spare time.  Check it out or follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.