8 Reasons Millennials Are Successful In Unconventional Business

Many experts like to point out the differences between millennials and previous generations. Millennials have acquired the latest technologies at an early age and are much more self-absorbed than their parents and grandparents. Although people like to say that these characteristics are bad, we can’t oversee the fact that some of the biggest corporations in the world, like Facebook or Google, were founded by millennials who had managed to earn billions of dollars before they even reached the parenthood age.

This is obvious proof that there is something about millennials that gives them an advantage over the previous generations when it comes to jobs, careers and business success. In this article, we will try to understand the values this generation has and determine the exact characteristics that make them so successful in all fields of life.

Face-To-Face Conversation Is Not Important To Them

Millennials are the first generation that has completely acknowledged the benefits of digital technologies. Many older employees and business people consider millennial managers and entrepreneurs rude because they can’t meet them in person. New generations are accustomed to video chats and conferences and view them in the same way as regular face-to-face meetings. By organizing meetings through apps, on the go, millennials have much more time for developing their core business.

They Don’t Care About Business Etiquette

Business etiquette often diverts entrepreneurs’ attention from their company’s business and growth. They are investing more time in teaching employees how to dress and address their managers properly than in teaching them how to be better at the work they do. Millennials are not the prisoners of tradition. They allow their employees to dress and talk however they want as long as they keep the business up and running.

Acquiring Wealth Is Not Their Main Goal

The PEW Research Center study has determined that for millennials, the most important thing in life is to become good role models for their kids. They would rather make a change in the world and stay poor than become rich and famous by selling mediocre products or services. This type of thinking gives millennials a unique advantage. Their business ideas are nobler, which is a highly praised attitude among consumers who are fed up with the widespread commercialization.

Millennials Like To Learn From Other People’s Experiences

Unlike previous generations, millennials love to have role models. They follow successful people who have taken the same path they want to take and try to learn from their experiences. Previous generations wanted to be pioneers in everything.

Today, when unique business ideas are scarce, the only way to climb to the top is to copy a product or a service and update it with new features that will attract more consumers. Millennials have mastered this concept both in business and in life. That is why TED Talks and other similar conferences where influencers share their experiences suddenly have become so crowded and pricey. 

They Respect Their Clients

We live in a world of startups where every person with a good idea and an Internet connection can launch a successful business. Millennials have figured out early that the only way to keep their business afloat in the highly competitive market is to provide an exceptionally good service to each and every client. Companies owned by millennials invest a lot of money and time in improving their customer experience, and that is the reason why virtual receptionist software and other similar solutions have become highly popular in the last few years.

Millennials Live For The Moment

Experts often state that millennials are the most self-absorbed generation in history. Although this sounds like a bad trait, it can be very helpful for their business. Millennials live for the moment; they are ready to risk a lot while chasing their passion and higher gains. This often brings them great deals, even when the odds don’t look so great. Generation Y is very energetic and they invest much more effort in everything they do, from building a successful career to starting a business and raising a family.

Millennials Believe In Continuous Learning

Previous generations would quit learning as soon as they found the first steady and well-paid job. Millennials are avid learners. Many of them are applying to colleges in their thirties to acquire new skills that will help them to improve their business. In addition to this, the digital world offers incredible learning opportunities for ambitious professionals. Millennials are using the possibilities of online learning and improving their business and career prospects throughout their life.

They Are Tolerant

Millennials don’t have problems with connecting with their peers from different parts of the world. This allows them to have a better insight into the way different markets work. Worldwide communication and connectivity also give them the chance to exchange business ideas and experiences and create numerous joint ventures that target several markets at once.

Many older generations see millennials as a ‘happy-go-lucky generation’ and think that they won’t be able to battle and overcome the difficulties that life is putting ahead of them. It is true that millennials are focused on happiness and that they will do anything to live a good and stress-free life. Still, this doesn’t make them weak. It allows them to chase their dreams instead of deadlines and build their careers and their businesses on a more rational and healthy basis.


Author Bio: My name is Alex Williams. I am a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find my luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting yourself to wider audience, getting the chance to showcase my expertise and receiving recognition. I am a regular contributor at Bizzmark Blog.