Are You Using The Most Useful Online Tool For Your Brand?

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd online, so millennials are shifting from text based trust to visual inspiration.

In 2016, content is king and the better your website’s content looks, the more traffic it will get. With so much available, users are expecting free and valuable content which is easy for them to read and access.

If your business is already creating content, great! Get ahead of the competition by educating your audience. Creating reliable content is a great step if you want to establish your business as a leader in the market.

If you are not using content marketing, it may be time to start. Content marketing is being used by 86% of businesses today making it one of the most desirable marking trends of 2016.

What is Visual Content?

Make sure you are using a method of visual content that works for your business. The purpose of visual content is that it can be viewed and shared by users. Make sure that any information that is shared on your social media account is shared either as visual content or with images.

This is a great place to start if you want to enhance your social media presence. Images will grab the attention of your users much better that a paragraph of text.

Users are constantly reading, whether they are at work typing or sending text messages to their friends. It is now natural for us to block out any unnecessary information, therefore, you may be wasting hours spending time typing up social media and blog content.

Creative Content Works

Think about it this way, humans are programmed to recognize visual messages. Even at the beginning of time, cave men used images to communicate and document information. This is because 90% of information transmitted in the brain is visual.

Humans not only respond well to visuals and images, but color can play a part in grabbing users attentions. Make sure that you are creating colorful content that your users will remember. Statistics show that user’s ability to recall information increases by up to 82% when color is combined with text.

Infographics: The Visual Medium

Did you know that it only takes 150 milliseconds to process an image? In comparison to a 1000-word blog post, this is only a fraction of the time. Many businesses have the budget to create hi-resolution videos for their website and this can be costly.

If you are looking for a visual content medium that will work for your business on a budget, infographics will help boost your success.

In the digital age, information expires quickly. Unlike expensive videos, infographics are fairly cheap to buy online.

These cleverly designed images are extremely popular as they combine all the information users need, using the images and charts. A visual representation of facts and figures is easier for users to digest.

Useful Information

Would you like your social media or website to have a bigger reach? Make sure that users are sharing your visual content far and wide. Professional designed infographics look great and users are much more likely to share images than long lines of text.

Infographics can appeal to users across the world, therefore your businesses name, website and social media tags could be reaching a whole new audience. Experts in infographic design, Create an Infographic, explain that;

“Infographics allow for lots of information to be collated simply, in one place, meaning the viewer does not have to do lots of arduous reading.”

Infographic Design and Digital Marketing

If you are interested in using digital marketing to boost your website’s traffic, infographics will help you build those much needed connections online. Posting highly sharable infographics on blogs and our brand’s social media accounts is a sure way to gain all the right attention from Google.

Millennials are smothered by information. Each day we will receive hundreds of messages across our devices, from emails to Facebook chat, we are becoming experts in filtering out unnecessary information.

·       Twitter users tweet 277,000 times

·       Google receives over 4,000,000 searches

·       Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of information

Infographics are shared on social media three times more than other any other type of content, which proves that users are reading them as well as engaging with them. If your business wants to stand out online, infographics are a great place to start.


Guest Post written by Melissa Lang. Melissa specializes in marketing and branding. From Glasgow, Scotland, Melissa has a keen eye for all things design.