Career Advice from “The Intern”

Who knew I could stumble upon great career advice on a flight from Orlando to Minneapolis.

While watching “The Intern”, a movie about an online clothing company that hires a senior citizen as an intern, I realized that this scenario is not that far fetched.

The story goes like this. The madly successful and overworked CEO (Anne Hathaway) hires a 70-year-old intern (Robert De Niro), who she thinks will be useless and outdated in our over-connected world. He marvels at all of the 20-something employees like they’ve lost their mind.

It’s brilliant, because it’s our reality 10 years from now.

Baby Boomers are Retiring

Most baby boomers will be retired by 2030. Since this is quickly approaching, millennials should expect workplaces to continue to innovate and change as baby boomers take traditions of the past into retirement with them.

In order for baby boomers to enjoy their transition into retirement, they should seek to stay open minded about the digital savvy millennials that have taken over their workplace.

Millennials are Calling the Shots

Millennials have changed the face of business. Marketing norms have shifted from a focus on print, radio and TV to social media, social selling, and data mining becoming the norm.

This momentum must be used to our advantage.

Companies that funnel their energy towards their social media presence, product reviews and target market peer reputation are most likely to see success today and beyond.

How can you focus your energy on your product’s online presence?

What Millennials Should Do

In the movie, the 70-year-old intern ends up saving the day with his “old school” grounded realities.

Millennials owe it to their predecessors to take the best of their work and keep it afloat. We do not know all the answers. In fact, we rarely know all the answers.

Millennials tend to be better at asking strategic questions than they are at giving earth-shattering answers, so coupling rookie smarts with wise tenure could create the most collaborative and successful teams.

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