Best Countries For Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is not a new concept, but growing awareness of the harmful overlap of these two competing priorities, as well as not being agreeable to have a job at the expense of life is a somewhat new phenomenon. There’s an ongoing shift in the common perception of work and life, in general. Although such views are mutual to all age groups, millennials are the ones who are taking a step further toward their values and their idea of work and life.

Whether it is a clear demand and negotiating with the employer about working hours or simply moving across the world, it is an act of winning a life back. When it comes to achieving the elusive balance of work and play, some countries are better than others. For those who are willing to change the scenery in search of quality life, these are countries worth of giving a shot.


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Aside from the inviting Mediterranean country with its rich history and culture, Spain is a safe place to live. It is more than welcoming for new residents and what is of great importance - transportation, medical care - are rated high while living expenses are reasonable. Spanish bureaucracy may seem complicated and slow, but it will teach you to slow your own pace and learn to be patient.


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Germany is rated high by many expats for its many advantages such as reasonable working hours and high job security, low crime rate, perfect public transport, quality healthcare, and high-class education with a minimum or no tuition fees, etc. Whether going for big cities, cultural centers or rural areas, it is a country that ensures high quality of life.


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Denmark has a very high standard of living with the shortest working week in a world. Imagine that! In addition to that, employees have at least five weeks of paid vacation and a perfect welfare system. They are a leading country when it comes to green tech, low crime rates, and friendly people.

Czech Republic

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There are plenty of job opportunities, good salaries, and benefits for expats in the Czech Republic. Healthcare system and public transport are good and inexpensive. There are a lot of outdoor activities, rich social scene, and it is a good place to start a business or bring up a family.

New Zealand

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Also one of the countries with shortest working week with only 38.6 working hours, New Zealand makes the list. There's wonderful scenery, friendly people, and is uncrowded but is a multicultural country. It's safe and enjoyable for life with high job security. Rich offers in extra-curricular activities makes it possible to balance work and life properly.

Costa Rica

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Apart from being a dream destination, Costa Rica has a strong economy and political stability. Parts of Costa Rica are at first-world standards, yet some of them are not. For someone with an adventurous spirit, this can easily be a promised land.


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With a high standard of living, good healthcare and abundance of job opportunities, work-life balance is easy to achieve in Australia. Friendly people, lovely weather, and exotic animals make it a great destination. Although a very desirable place to move, Australia has a strict policy on immigration procedures especially regarding the skills assessment.

Russian Federation

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The Russian Federation boasts considerably high salaries for expats and is a vast land with many opportunities. Rich social life, welcoming people and a big country rich with culture, history, and excitement promise both work and life in its fullest extent.


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If you like wet weather, Taiwan is a good place to go. Accommodation costs are lower than in Japan, public transport is great, lovely countryside and there are plenty of outdoor activities. Excellent healthcare and great schools are inviting, but bad traffic and a certain level of pollution can be a turn-off.


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Sweden is an organized country with high living standards, strong welfare system, and clean environment. It's a great place for start-ups since the government is often funding different ventures. The country is dedicated to the idea of work-life balance and high tolerance.


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Large expat community rates high work-life balance in Oman. Although a conservative state, it still offers a good life quality, high salaries and opportunity for the western lifestyle. Good private healthcare, quality international schools, and low crime rate are some of the advantages.


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With below average work week hours, eleven federal holidays, along with minimum thirty days of paid vacation, rest assured that there is a good work-life balance. There are many job opportunities for English speaking candidates in big international companies.

If you are considering relocation, be wise and patient. Find out all there is to about country culture, people, etc. Count all the pros and cons. Look for other people’s experiences and make a decision based on facts. It is a big move that will take a lot of planning and perhaps some minor yet inevitable complications, but in the search of a better, healthier and more fulfilled life, no place is too far.



Author Bio: Cate Palmer is an IT girl by day and a writer by night. Her fields of expertise could be summed up to web design and digital marketing. Her interests are, on the other hand, wide and ever-evolving. These days Cate is quite passionate about helping young people to pursue their dream careers.