One Way to Save Your Dying Dream

If I'm honest, few of my closely held dreams result in successful pursuits. Most of them look like a good idea, followed by thousands of excuses or reasons why I can't or shouldn't pursue it.

Maybe you've been there too.

Are you in a season of the pursuit of your goals where you feel like you’re not making progress?

Is there a sense that maybe the end goal you laid out for yourself isn’t attainable or as attractive as it once was?

Are you on the verge of giving up on your dream?

Give your dream a face and a name.

The most light-hearted example of a dream pursuit I can share from my life is when I decided I was going to get a dog. The reason this was a massive undertaking was because I decided when I was a freshman in college that I would someday get a mini-goldendoodle.

The obstacles to my dream were the severe lack of funds to afford this expensive dog and the housing situation that would allow me to have a dog.

In this case, I didn’t necessarily write down all the reasons why I wanted this dog, but I did put something down in writing. Once I decided I was getting a dog, I created a savings account with my bank and labeled it, “Puppy Fund”.

As stupid as it sounds, this motivated me to save. Even as a poor college student, I tucked away a few dollars here and there from doing side hustle work and before I knew it, I was nearing the $1,500 mark that was needed to get the dog.

When I was tempted to use the money for something else, I would go look at breeder’s websites to see the face of a puppy I could possibly bring home. When I needed the additional motivation to find a housing situation that would allow it, I gave the future dog a name, “Palmer”.

Once my dream had a face and a name, it was incredibly easy to stay focused on the end goal and soar over obstacles to that end state.

My example is not earth shattering, but the concept is sound. Does your dream have a face and a name?

If you are paying down debt so that you can buy a car, find the car online you want so it has a face and by all means, name that car. It will make it personal.

If you’re searching for your first job out of college, name your first job after the title. Start calling yourself by that title, as the words you speak to yourself are powerful. To give your first job a face, connect with someone who is already in that role and take them out for coffee to ask all about what it’s like.

Give your dream a face and a name to stop yourself from quitting. Make it personal.