How Are Millennials Driving Change In The Tech World

Millennials are taking over from their baby boomer predecessors, as the largest demographic group today. Even now, millennials are the main focus group for businesses and marketers alike. What makes millennials such an interesting focus group is the fact that most of their lives they have been around technology and its advancement. What that means is that they have a tendency to be more specific about their needs and expectations.

Unlike baby boomers who were less tech-savvy and have never truly given too much thought to technology, millennials have grown up alongside technological advancements and innovations. For that reason, millennials have better understanding of technology and how to best use its advantages.

Moreover, millennials are familiar with how technology has advanced over the years, which makes them the generation that will continue to lead technology toward greater heights. Here are a few ways how millennials are driving the change in the tech world.

They Understand The Progress Of Technology

As mentioned, millennials have grown alongside technology, which allowed them to experience both the old tech and the new cutting edge technology. That means that millennials know how to evaluate innovations in the tech world and they'll be vocal about whether some new tech is praiseworthy or not. Baby boomers welcomed technological innovations, but didn't really have the understanding of how it all works.

On the other hand, millennials have a great understanding of how technology works and won't hesitate to criticize or commend the new inventions. This drives technology producers to invent new things, rather than just improve the already existing tech. If both marketers and tech inventors want to compete for the attention of millennials, with them being the largest demographic and focus group, they will need to redesign their mindset from the earlier generations to the new ones.

They Have In-Depth Knowledge About Technology

Millennials have in-depth knowledge about how technology works, how it's made and how to use it in the best way. Being around technology most of their lives made millennials quite the tech-savvy generation. A lot of millennials took interest in technology early on. That's why so many of them are proficient in the tech industry and are now either running their own technology-related business or are employed by the tech giants solving problems and debugging software.

From the business perspective, the knowledge millennials have makes them more skeptical toward sales pitches and marketing campaigns, which forces marketers to rethink their strategies. Furthermore, millennials move to new technologies that suit them the best, while making the older tech obsolete. For instance, millennials prefer on-demand products and services, as well as platforms that are tailored to their requirements and they don't have time to bother with technology that doesn't work for them. That's why marketers and tech makers are forced to keep up with them and their needs.

They Communicate Differently

Most people say that technology made millennials less social. Whether that may be true or not, millennials do prefer to communicate differently and use means of communications such as social media. They also prefer mobile devices as 83% of millennials rarely leave their smartphones out of their sight. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are the main hub of communication for millennials. Also, 63% of millennials on Facebook and Twitter get their news from social media rather than TV or newspapers. From the technology's perspective, the need for change comes from the millennial mindset and preferences.

There is an ever-growing need for faster mobile Internet speed, as well as faster and stronger mobile devices. Moreover, social networks are adapting to the large number of millennials present and are developing both the hardware and the software to accommodate their users. Nevertheless, marketers are changing their approach, while tech makers are rushing to meet the needs of this generation, which knows what it wants from technology.

The Tech World Is Adapting To Millennials

The entire generation is steering in which direction the technology evolves, because of their needs and expectations. Millennials have zero tolerance for bad customer experience and they expect websites to perform accordingly. Moreover, mobile platforms are preferred in this generation and any business that isn't mobile friendly will start to lose customers.

On the other hand, business owners and marketers are beginning to learn from millennials and their unique mindset. That's why many businesses are starting to reshape the way they do things and how they communicate with millennials. Because of their familiarity with technology, millennials set high standards in expectations and demands. Also, millennials are more environmentally aware and eco-friendly, meaning that 90% of millennials take corporate and social impact of a brand into consideration when deciding to either work for them or to follow that brand.

The millennial way of thinking and the need for self-improvement are driving the change in the tech world. Not only that the technological innovations have to capture the attention of the millennial crowd, but they must also excel in functionality in order to be widely accepted. Every business that doesn't adapt to the needs and expectations of millennials, won't be able to capitalize on this largest demographic and focus group of consumers.


Nate Vickery

Nate Vickery is a business consultant and a writer mainly focused on startup marketing and management. He is also the executive editor at