How Millennials Can Take Control Of Their Future With Entrepreneurship

Often times as millennials we feel stuck, unsure of our futures, our careers, our goals, our finances, and we’re still working on this whole “adulting” thing. I think it’s only natural for us to have a quarter life crisis.

Our generation faces many unique situations that previous ones didn’t see - everything from enormous college costs, lack of pensions and benefits, the rise of the gig economy, and most importantly, an increase in the tools and resources available to us.

We’ve seen an unprecedented change in how the economy, the workforce, and the small businesses operate. With an increase in remote work being available comes a spike of the amount of people who earn a primary or secondary income online. Millennials embody the side hustle lifestyle and we do it well too!

What I find interesting is that the barrier to entry for finding freelance work online is extremely low; meaning many of us can jump in and make something happen quickly. There are hundreds of freelance job sites, job boards, and increased connectivity to people who are hiring for one-off jobs or part-time work. So being the opportunistic and broke millennials we are, of course we jumped right in.

We’re digital natives, natural online marketers, and creative problem solvers who want to make an impact on what we care about most. For me, that means hosting my show, “The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast” and sharing the stories of other successful young people who took the jump.

With a few bucks for a decent microphone, a phone booth in my co-working office, and a handful of connections - the show was born. Google was my best friend. I taught myself how to build a simple website, how to record decent audio, grow a podcast, and much more. You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars or connections to Mark Zuckerberg to start a business - you need determination, grit, resources, and of course, customers.

Our generation has such disdain for the status quo and a relentless tenacity to make an impact on what we care about the most, so we definitely have an advantage as entrepreneurs. We take that passion and put it out there in the form of content, products, services, and more. Bit by bit, we are making an impact and an income.

What I love most about being a young entrepreneur is the amount of real world experience you get that no one else would have hired you for otherwise. Would anyone consider hiring a 22 year-old to run a website and app development agency who had no industry experience? Hell no! Well I was in luck, I hired myself and started one anyways.

Was the road rocky? Absolutely. By being pushed through the fire and flames of a startup agency in its first year, I came out with more experience than an internship could have ever given me.

Make your own damn coffee, Jim.

We get to take control of our future as entrepreneurs because we call the shots. Often we make terrible choices, but we get to learn from them one at a time. All of our past failures teach us valuable lessons that we carry to the next venture, so I recommend that anyone who hasn’t already should start a business ASAP!

We can set our own rates, design our own business models, give back to charity, create residual income streams, and grow a following of people who care about what we do. It’s far from simple, but I assure you the process is more rewarding than you could even imagine.