How Social Media Changed The Fame Game

Before 2004, celebrities had to be invented by those in power - media, movie studios, record companies, and the like. They would choose someone to make famous, whether they had talent or not, and put all their resources behind making them rich and famous. Those celebrities would make money not only from their movie or recording contracts, but also through paid celebrity endorsements of things like diet plans or snack foods. So what happened in 2004 that changed things? The invention of social media.

Social Media Democratizes Fame

Now the people have the power to decide who to follow and who not to follow. The people also have the power to decide to go out and become famous. You can start a YouTube channel and grow it into a business. You can start an Instagram feed and grow your followers until you have serious social media clout. You don’t have to wait for some studio exec to make you famous, and you don’t have to follow whomever the studio execs are telling you to follow this week. Thanks to social media, the power is given by the people.

Millennials Are Making Careers Of Social Media

Today there are many millennials out there on Twitter and Instagram making a living either by promoting themselves or by getting paid to make posts promoting other people or products. There are rules that have been put in place to make it obvious to viewers they are looking at ads, but that hasn’t stopped some high-earning individuals from commanding as much as $5000 for a single Instagram post.

Advertisers Are Happy To Pay Influencers

Thanks to ad blocking software, $12 billion in online ad revenue is likely to get swallowed up by 2020. Advertisers are looking for new ways to reach their audiences, and social media seems to be the best way to accomplish that. But if your potential customers aren’t following your brand, how do you reach them? Paid social media influencers. People are more likely to respond to a peer recommendation online than a celebrity endorsement, even if that person is a complete stranger. Regular people have more authenticity, and advertisers are making note.


How Do You Become A Paid Influencer?

It won’t happen overnight, at least not if you do it right. If you truly want to become a social media influencer you will have to start making posts about something you are passionate about. Build a following of authentic online friends and interact with them regularly. Work on your standing within a community and always be authentic. Then you will have the chance to monetize your success. You can even start by approaching brands to offer your services.

Already, Influencer Marketing Is Evolving

It used to be that having a large following would get you all those influencer contracts. Now companies are looking for bottom line results. Can you translate your posts into sales? Learn more about the evolution of social media influencer marketing from this infographic! Are you ready for a new career?


Author Bio: Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing and also runs a local event to make the Louisville / Cincinnati corridor a more competitive region (#thinkbig). He appears as a guest author on CMSWire and, and was named a 2017 Google Small Business Advisor.