How To Dress Like A Millennial Entrepreneur Everybody Wants To Invest In

Being alive and successful as a millennial is a somewhat difficult enterprise. Everything you know about life is different to the life everyone before has been living lately, and it’s up to you to craft new ways of business seduction.

Apart from the newly established entrepreneurial arena that’s majorly changed compared to the prior business interactions, the way of doing business itself hasn’t really changed that much. The potential clientele is still looking for professionals with a goal; smart and energetic visionaries who are able to move mountains by just sitting behind their desks.

With that in mind, you need to understand the unspoken language of business: know what you are doing and look polished while doing it.

Why Does Your Business Dress Code Matter?

A dress code is much like the unspoken language, but a language of recognition. Essentially - wearing a suit, carrying a laptop or scheduling down meetings in your calendar with the glasses dangling around the edge of your nose – you don’t need to utter a single word for everyone to understand you are in business.

Why do you have to care about the attire you wear? It’s simple. No matter the time or current fashion movement, people will always find solace in those who are good-looking.

They send the message of caring about themselves, which means they’ll care enough for a business campaign, too. Sounds logical? Of course, it does.

What To Wear To Look Business Smart?

The code is simple: Suits, suits, suits.

A sharp business suit is a perfect option for both men and women. Comprised of a tailored jacket and either trousers or a skirt, this attire will definitely be a knockout for your upcoming meeting. A crisp ironed blouse or a shirt will complement the look and you’ll not only look dashing but self-assured (which is very important in doing business).

With the millennial fashion being pretty chill and loose, you don’t have to wear clothes that feel like a costume/out of character. Wear a suit but lose the tie or bowtie. Square pocket is okay, although not necessary.

Women can choose a smart lightweight jumper or a blouse, depending on the season; a pencil skirt or high-waist ironed pants are the base. Exposing a lot of skin is a big no-no, especially when doing business abroad or with culturally unfamiliar traditions.

If you are attending a gala or any other type of after-hours (business) get-together, it’s okay to dress up a bit, although not too much: find a perfect solution by wearing any of the ladies dresses that stand for your attitude but encourage your professionalism at the same time.

Matching Is Important

It goes without saying that your clothes are to be ironed and free from snags or holes. Also, avoid t-shirts, minis and shorts as you will not be taken seriously. Both men and women should make sure that the top and bottom of the suit match; if not in color, then in style and cut. The same goes for shoes, belts and other accessories.

Mind The Fit

Going for a wrong size is one of the worst things you can do to your business image; a jacket that strains across the shoulders, trousers that feel like bursting any second or a blouse that’s so big that it looks like something you’ve picked up from the pile of old stuff, you know – the stuff you wore back in high school when you were plump a bit.

Your aim is to look polished and presentable. It’s not that hard, really. Investing in a few key pieces of clothing may seem like a waste, but it will pay off in the long run.

Accessorize Smart

Leave your hotline bling for some other time, this is where things are serious. Simple classic pieces of adornments are the key, like gold or silver studs in the ears, the iconic rb 3025, understated watches, and statement necklaces or earrings (not both).

For men, simple cuff links, a watch or a signet ring will do. Be taken seriously by having your briefcase/laptop/calendar/tablet on you, too.

Whether you are running your own business, are on top of major campaigns in the firm you are employed at or are freelancing around, meeting potential customers and clients, it means honoring a particular dress code that will instill them with security and assure them they are doing business with a professional expert which is, in essence, the way you want to be seen anyways.


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