Millennials, Stop Apologizing For Job-Hopping

Reports are mixed on if millennials are actually job-hopping more frequently than previous generations. What is clear is that job-hopping is becoming the norm for the average twenty something.

One LinkedIn study says millennials job-hop more than their predecessors, however this only contains data LinkedIn members actually report. Gen X and Baby Boomer members of the site may be less likely to report their extended history of employment, but rather the few most recent jobs.

On the flip side, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Baby Boomers job-hopped in their twenties just as frequently as millennials do now.

Regardless of the assumptions and unclear conclusions around young employees, I’m convinced that they shouldn’t apologize for job-hopping. A Careerbuilder survey showed that 45% of employees plan to stay with their employer for less than two years, so we ought to get comfortable with the idea.

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