Should Millennials Be Sharing Their Salary Information With Coworkers?

Millennials are making waves in their offices for their lack of privacy when it comes to their salary. They often share it with their peers to see how they stack up and determine if they are being paid fairly. But should they?

First of all, why has there been a shift to sharing sensitive information freely among young adults?

Cara Silletto, founder and president of Crescendo Strategies, a firm committed to reducing unnecessary employee turnover, has observed this trend. She notes, “Most employees born before millennials were told as children not to talk with others about religion, politics and money, so they have a deep-rooted sense of privacy regarding those topics. Millennials, on the other hand, are much more open about their lives and their bank account when talking with friends and colleagues. We share our thoughts, concerns and questions about topics others may see as too sensitive.”

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