The Best Life Advice For A Young, Lost Millennial

Since last checking, I was 25 years old, which puts me towards the middle of the millennial age bracket (20 - 35 years of age) according to the Guardian. Although I’m still young, my two years of working in London taught me that millennials flourish when they can roam free creatively. If not, this can lead to problems in the workplace.

If you’re about to start University, are in the middle of your studies or have recently graduated, this post is targeted to you. This is my best life advice for millennials who are about to enter the big wide world of work and independent life. My best advice is to create something.

There are many resources that offer advice for millennials in the workplace but my opinion is that no advice beats personal experience, which I have. Since 2014, I’ve spent a lot of my time in front of a laptop, craving my next coffee break and trying to navigate through what seemed to be an ever-growing complex political work environment.

Although I was fortunate enough to work with some highly reputable organizations, I never felt like I had full control over what I was doing. Even if I was in a position of responsibility, I felt like I was being scrutinized by my manager, another colleague or client a lot of the time. This wasn’t very relaxing and didn’t suit me one bit. As a young millennial, I found it a problem managing myself in the workplace.

The Challenge Of Managing A Millennial

From my experience of transitioning from an enthusiastic 21 year-old fresh out of University to a hard working 24 year-old, it became apparent to me that there was an underlying issue. I lacked many of the skills required to adapt to the raw realities of real life, some of which were workplace skills that just weren’t taught to me to the right level of depth at College or University.

As a result, this made it a challenge for my superiors to manage me. I saw the same thing happening with many other young people so I cut my losses, moved home and used what I learned from my business degree to create a start up.

My Best Life Advice For Millennials

Being an enthusiastic individual and someone who’s always wanted to make a positive ethical difference, like a lot of millennials, I chose to take things into my own hands. Being employed didn’t pan out for me so instead, I chose to pursue something that would solve a problem and improve society. I decided to create something. This is the best advice I can offer to millennials.

Since making this decision to drop what I had and create something, my lifestyle has benefited hugely. I’m now in control of my own time, have built the foundations for a youth mentoring platform that helps young transitional people and am doing something I am passionate about. It’s also invigorating to put yourself in the pilot seat. Although it feels like I’m a fisherman tending to hundreds of lines, I know I’ve made the right choice. My creative mission going forward is to provide a mentor or coach to every millennial in the country.

So if there is just one bit of life advice I’d like you and other millennials to take away from this post, it would be to listen to your creative heart. Over time if you continue making things you are passionate about, they will grow organically. Who knows, one day you might make a living from them.


Alex is the Founder of NXT STPS Ltd, a young startup which aims to provide a mentor for every young person in the country by building a network that matches mentors with mentees. By bringing together those who know best and have experience (life coaches, industry experts, business leaders, dietitians, personal trainers, motivational speakers, counselors) with young transitional people going through change, his goal is to noticeably improve the well being of our future leaders and helpt hem manage, build resilience and realize their next path in life.

Before this Alex worked in London in the Digital Marketing industry for a period of two years. He has continued to expand his expertise in this area by registering as a student with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is currently studying a Diploma in Professional Marketing. In 2012 he graduated from Lancaster University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies specializing in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

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