These Jobs Are Made For A People Person

Careers advisors suggest job types based on your academic ability and preferences, financial aspirations, and general interests, but they rarely ask how much you love interacting with people. How do you find the perfect job if human interaction is your number one priority?

Early Indication

Schools, colleges, universities are the institutions that prepare you for the workplace. First, you learn numeracy and literacy. Then you move on to picking up knowledge in specific areas such as science, language, the arts and so on. At some point you may specialize in certain subjects or choose to study a vocation such as hairdressing.

There’s something else about school that is so obvious that it’s easily overlooked. There are people everywhere. From the classroom to break time, to the sports field, to music and drama productions, to the multitude of clubs on offer, every student is immersed in a densely packed community of peers. In this intensely social environment, you quickly learn whether you are a “people person” or not.

The Key To Job Satisfaction

If you are most comfortable being surrounded by people, then finding a people-focused job is key to your job satisfaction too. A large portion of your waking day is spent at work, so it is important that you find an environment that suits your needs.

The next question is what kind of human connection works for you. Thousands of people across the UK work in open plan offices where people sit closely to each other, often in teams with shared tea rounds, lunch dates and nights out. For many people, this is enough social context, but not for everyone.

If you prefer to be regularly engaged in conversation and like meeting new people, then an office job is probably not for you.

I’m A People Person! What Next?

There are many jobs that suit individuals who prioritize their people skills and desire for human interaction. For example, working in a busy bar or restaurant gives you constant access to the public and a regular flow of new people to meet, but other than with your work colleagues, it is unlikely that you will have any significant discourse during your working day.

If you want a deeper interaction, then a job representing a brand in event staffing might be the answer.

Event Staffing

Event staff tend to work on short to medium term specific jobs, which means you can choose the hours you want to work. There’s always plenty of need for event staff, so if you’re good at your job, you won’t have any trouble finding regular work if you want it.

Traditional Events

When thinking about events, people often conjure up images of sports fixtures, concerts, exhibitions and so on. These events all need friendly, hard-working staff to ensure guests can enjoy the experience. There are also plenty of business events like conferences, press launches and award ceremonies that require event staff. Roles range from registration staff to general event hosts who engage guests in conversation and making them feel at ease.

Experiential Events

Experiential marketing is a growing discipline where brands introduce their products and services to their target audience by giving them a positive brand experience. The most successful campaigns are those that use skillful, well-trained staff to engage with consumers and invite discussion about the brand, product and experience. This role requires staff with confidence, people skills and a welcoming nature, so it’s perfect for individuals who would describe themself as a “people person”.

Retail Experiential

If you like the idea of staffing experiential events, but want the security of a permanent role, then retail experiential staffing might be for you. A growing number of brands are employing staff to give shoppers an in-depth brand experience in-store, particularly for higher value items. These roles tend to be on a permanent basis and involve ongoing training and career progression.

If you describe yourself as a “people person”, it’s definitely worth considering how this fits within the work environment when you choose your career or next job role. And if you genuinely love chatting to people for hours on end, then event staffing could just be the perfect job for you.


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