Unconventional Channels To Hack Your Way To Your Dream Job

Stiff competition, lot of noise, and little substance are norms of the job market in the digital world where everyone is blowing their own horns like a horde of fans playing the vuvuzela at a soccer stadium. It can be a tough situation for some of us who still prefer substance over style.

Having talked about growth hacking in digital marketing, it’s a question I often come across. Can growth hacking be applied to a career to get my dream job? The answer, of course, is an emphatic “yes”.

I recently came across this resumé of a designer and it got me thinking. If you truly are a person of substance more than style, you need to show that to everyone in every chance you get and that includes recruiters.

It’s all about your creativity and it can set you apart from the competition when you are aiming for that dream job. Here’s how you can tap into your creative side and hack your way into the position you dream of.

Know Who To Talk To

Find the decision makers and get in touch with them directly. Use social media channels to open up a line of communication if email is not an option. Make a case for why that person will benefit from communicating with you.

Find The Right Channels

As a digital marketer, you need to know where you audience is. Not everyone is on every channel and not all the time. Find the channels that your target audience frequents, what makes them tick, the content they engage with, and the best time to engage with them - just as if you were planning a digital marketing campaign for a client.

Start Engaging

Before you start engaging with them, make sure that your content speaks the same language that they understand and appreciate. When you are set, start engaging with them. Do keep in mind that subtlety is never overrated.

Be Creative

You are engaging with them to showcase your skills and creativity, so don’t hesitate. The creativity of your messaging is what will help you set yourself apart from the crowd and get the attention of the desired audience members.

Here are a few tips on creative ways to approach your audience:


Write blog posts at regular intervals and stick to your expertise as much as possible. Use your knowledge in other fields like design or coding to enhance the quality of your blog posts. Contribute on other blogs from time to time. Apart from that, to get the attention of recruiters at your dream company, write posts that address how you are the best fit for their company. One of the best platforms for that is Medium. Be very specific in the things you can do for them if they hire you.


If you have the time and some money to spend, build your own website complete with video content and interactive graphics to showcase your skill set. All you have is ten seconds to impress the recruiters, so go all out and make it happen.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Blow your own horn a little and run a small budget ad campaign on Facebook with your blog content. Target the campaign at the recruiter and let them know what you believe you can achieve for them. The key here, however, is to stand out without being tacky. Make sure to run your campaign creatives by a couple of your colleagues to get their opinion before going live.


Twitter is one of the best platforms to engage with the right set of decision makers. It is fast and relevant at all times. Make sure that your personal digital campaign strategy pays enough attention to Twitter for engaging with your target audience. Begin by engaging them on their content before you start sharing yours with them.

Focus On Visual Content

Twitter is great for engagement, but you need to keep in mind the value of emerging visual content channels like Instagram and Snapchat. A ten second video resume can do more for you in holding the attention of your audience.

In the digital world, you are your own brand and no one understands that brand better than you. You have to push your own limits to show what you are all about and what you bring to the table.

For example, if you want my complete undivided attention, a ten second Snapchat video will do the trick better than a well-formatted two page resume. Recruiters, after all, are looking for winners who do things differently, who would take their business goals and lead the organization to greater heights of success.

About the Author:

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