Young Millennials, Here Is How To Ace A Job Interview

It is not easy being a millennial job seeker these days. Even though the unemployment rate keeps going down, around 44% of recent college grads are in low-wage jobs. This means there is much more competition out there for good paying jobs and if you get lucky enough to land a job interview, you better nail it. Here are four simple, yet effective, ways to significantly increase your chances of getting the job you want.

First Impressions Still Matter

Making a good first impression sounds like a cliché, but it can be the single most important factor in determining if you get the job or not. The second you show up for an interview, you are being assessed and judged. This means you must show up to the interview on time, with sufficient copies of your resume and dress appropriately.

Listen More, Talk Less

In most interviews the person interviewing you wants to spend some time telling you about the opportunity and their role at the company. Instead of the interview being all about you, make it about them.

Practice effective listening skills such as facing the interviewer, being attentive and not interrupting them. Wait for the interviewer to pause and then ask relevant questions to show that you were actually listening and that you genuinely care about them and the organization.

Don’t Undersell Yourself

What’s worse than overselling yourself at a job interview? Underselling yourself! You might even be doing it without realizing it.

Millennials sometimes undersell themselves because they feel they lack the experience required for the job and are not even sure if they really qualify for the position. If you get called for a job interview, that means they consider you to be qualified enough to beat the hundreds of other job seekers who didn't get called for an interview.

Be confident about what skills you bring to the table and get comfortable with talking about your strengths, your achievements and even your aspirations. Even if you lack the experience make sure you let your personality and potential shine through.

Convince Them You Really Want The Job

Persistence will often help you get through the finish line, especially if you are neck-and-neck with another qualified candidate. Make sure you display your enthusiasm to each and every person you interview – before, during and after the interviews.

Your passion and eagerness can sometimes make up for your lack of years of experience. After the interview, quickly send our your enthusiastic 'Thank You’ e-mails to the interviewers and follow up with the recruiter with the same sense of energy and excitement.

Being prepared, actively listening to the interviewers, confidently speaking about your accomplishments and showing your enthusiasm for the potential employer will definitely help you ace your next job interview. Remember that someone out there wants that job more than you and you have to convince your potential employer otherwise.

Ahmad Noordin, a borderline millennial, is Director of HR for a large real estate property management company. He is also Founder of, an organization dedicated to serving as Millennial Experts by bringing thought leaders, industry experts and millennial workers together. Visit to join the Millennial Workforce Community and receive complimentary resources for attracting and retaining top millennial talent. Follow on Twitter @GoGenYDotCom