How Millennials Can Leverage Smartphones to Realize Their Dreams

Witnessing the rise of mobile technology, millennials have a very high affinity towards smartphones, with many glued to them throughout day and night rarely coming back up for daylight. In fact, a Bank of America survey on millennials' smartphone usage revealed that 4 in 10 people aged between 18-34 say that they interact more with their mobile devices that they do with actual humans.

Over the last 5 years mobile devices have become vital pieces of technology for consumers in accomplishing their dreams. With the help of apps and innovative features, millennials are able to find ways to generate extra income, travel the world efficiently, plan and execute their early retirement strategies, and help build their dream business.

Read on below as we reveal how millennials can maximize their smartphones in making their lives more productive.

Generating Extra Income

Many cash-strapped millennials are now turning to their smartphones as portable ATM machines. There are several apps on the market that pay users to install software, view ads, perform market research and a lot more. Here are some of the legitimate strategies that millennials can tap into to actually earn cash using their smartphones:

• Gigwalk – Perform simple field work (i.e. testing mobile apps, mystery shopping).
• Shopkick – Get rewards just for going shopping.
• CheckPoints – Earn points for playing games, scanning items, or completing offers.
• Swagbucks – Get paid to search online.
• Locket - Pays users to place ads on their phone’s home screen.
• Receipt Hog – Requires users to take surveys to earn money.

Traveling The World

If there’s one thing that millennials love, aside from their smartphones, it’s traveling. In fact, a blog post on the Huffington Post suggests millennials choose traveling over a steady career influenced by a variety of factors, including online work, politics, and even social media. Traveling has become their outlet to avoid conforming to a 9 to 5 job and smartphones are making it all possible and easy to accomplish. There are apps that make booking hotels and airline tickets easy, help in budgeting for vacations, travel planning, and even getting great discounts and deals for accommodations and transportation.

Smartphones are also capable of taking millennials on round the world trips without even leaving their home. Mobile devices are now built for virtual reality headsets with their wide screen and formidable processing power that produces real-life images to users. Samsung has released an edge-to-edge mobile display, which the Galaxy S8 page on O2 details doesn’t only turn heads, but also “lets you see more and scroll less.” This device when paired with a VR headset that runs virtual reality apps can take users on a virtual tour around the world, including museums, travel spots, and historical locations.

Retiring Early

A recent Business Insider poll on millennials and retirement revealed that subjects aged between 18 to 34 are hoping to retire early. However, it also found that only a fraction are actually doing something to achieve this dream. The fear of coming up short is impacting millennials from retiring early, as only 16% of them are saving more than 10% of their income while nearly half are saving only 5%. So, what’s the best way to be able to retire early? Simple: investing.

Investing early will allow millennials to accumulate more wealth over a long period of time. Assets that grow over time will be the most effective in their investment portfolio. Smartphones will enable them to invest easily and conveniently with platforms that allow them to be active on the market and review market movements even on the go. There are also services that help them improve their investments by learning how to trade, get real-time insights about the market, and even use tools and charts to make the right investment decisions.

Creating A Business

Known for building their own startup companies from scratch, this age group has been noted as entrepreneurs-at-heart. Alex Williams said that millennials are successful in unconventional businesses because they have certain values and characteristics that make them successful in this particular field. Furthermore, their exposure to technology provides them an advantage to easily create and manage a business.

There are a variety of in-home business opportunities that millennials can start from just using their smartphones, such as:

• Social media marketer
• App developer
• Event planner
• eCommerce seller
• Virtual assistant

Smartphones can be the greatest tool millennials can use in their lifetime to achieve their dreams and aspirations. With the right apps, dedication, and passion, anyone can achieve what they want in their lives through a single tap on a screen.


Author: Alisha Christine