Millennial Fashion Trends That Are Changing The Way We Work And Spend

The millennial generation has been accused of many things, but not being fashion-forward was never one of them. Trend-setters and goal-getters, millennials are not afraid of change and that seems to be one of their best qualities. As with most young people, they’re good at adapting to the shifting tides and thinking of new and sometimes completely unconventional ideas that are pushing the world forward. The latest trend? A healthy lifestyle. So how do millennials combine fashion and health?


Less is more for millennials who live fast-paced lives and don’t like the fuss of putting together a twenty-piece outfit just to get out of the house. Simple slacks, smartly-cut dresses in various colors, monochromatic schemes, comfortable loafers and versatile blazers are the go-to for this generation.

Capsule wardrobes are also popular and people are trying to own as little clothing as possible to prevent the waste of money and fabric. They are turning to designers who use organic materials and pay their workers an ethical wage. They are very much doing their best to be smart consumers who demand transparency from companies. There’s a mix of masculine and feminine elements and fashion is no longer as limited by gender as it used to be.


At one point, we realized that equating fashion with discomfort is a pretty dumb idea, so things have turned around. Now sportswear is not only trendy, but also very practical. This influences our mindset in a very positive way, because some studies show that just wearing your favourite gym clothes can motivate you to work out and succeed. You are far more likely to get started and do your daily set of exercises if you’re already dressed for it. We all need that extra little dose of motivation on some days, don’t we? This trend of wellness and comfort is really awesome, and we’re all here for it.

Casual And Productive At Work

Somewhat related to athleisure, business casual is now the default in most young companies. Ladies no longer have to suffer high heels every day just to look professional and guys don’t have to wear uncomfortable ties. Business casual is making a great impact on everyone’s job performance and the comfortable clothes are making long workdays a lot easier. It’s a good way to feel eager about coming to work and gives you a nice boost of energy and inspiration for the day.

The key here is to look polished and capable, but also allow your clothes to express your own creativity. Jeans paired with a blazer are perfectly acceptable, and using a lot of personalized little details is encouraged. Have a favorite necklace? Wear it every day and let it become your trademark at work, something people associate with your hard work and business wits.

Affordable Fashion

More than any other generation, millennials love shopping at second-hand stores. It’s cheap and it’s an easy way to find retro pieces that are easily combined with other things. They see no real reason to buy low-quality, overpriced clothes from big fashion chains and they’d much rather support small businesses that make handmade garments or simply shop for gently used clothes.

There’s also a trend of swapping stuff with your friends, and that way updating your wardrobe without spending a dime. This kind of mentality is good because it fights those consumerist urges where we just want to own more stuff because it’s new and shiny, even though we don’t really need any of it.

The rise of ethical eco-fashion and the focus on wellness as clear trends that younger generations are pushing for. We get to fight for the environment and the economy, we get to work on being healthy and look good while doing it.


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Author Bio: Nicole is a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife passionate about yoga and healthy living. She enjoys sharing her experiences and ideas on how to lead a happy and healthy life. If you want to read more from Nicole you can find her on Twitter and Facebook.