Work With Me

By day, I'm a technology professional. By night, I use everything I know to move millennials forward. I've felt passionately about Gen Y for years, but spent time learning and growing my experience in the areas of career and finances before turning the tide to help others.

My husband and I graduated college with a combined $71,000 of student loan debt. We took four years to pay them off, but also tackled major financial obstacles while we finished them. We are adamant about saving and giving aggressively. In my transition from college to the workplace, I noticed how difficult the transition can be, how different other generations work, and even experienced my own little quarter-life crisis.

My personal experience, combined with years of extensive research and writing on the millennial generation, allows me to help others through their life obstacles and provide new insights into the mind of a millennial. Whether you are an individual, high school, university, or employer, I would love to work with you!


Topics I write on include:

If you're interested in having any of these topics or my personal story related to these topics shared on your website, please contact me. I'd be happy to create a post that is intelligent, backed by figures, and ready for your audience. I am also available for ghost writing.

speaking engagements

Are you in search of a speaker for your conference, seminar, keynote, or employee gathering? Look no further! I'm available to speak on most of the topics I listed above. Topics I can give longer presentations on are millennial workplace habits, career paths for young adults, working across many generations, and advising young employees on career growth. Send me a message to work out arrangements.

Sponsored posts

Please contact me about sponsored posts opportunities and I will consider them on a case-by-case basis. Optimistic Millennial was created with authenticity and openness in mind, so I will only promote products and services that align with my brand and values.